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Buying and selling a home is not only exciting but a bit stressful at times, tricky and complex. It is one of the biggest investments most people will make in their lifetime, therefore having the right agent representing you is imperative. 

you need to decide what you are looking for in an agent

1. Knowledge of the area and neighborhoods?

2. The amount of training and knowledge in the real estate industry?

3. What agency do they work for, and what is the advantage?

4. Flexible and available whenever you want to view a home?

5. What is their training as a negotiator?

why should I choose you?

A good agent won't hesitate to answer this question and will be ready to fire off why she is best suited for the job. Everyone has their own standards, but most consumers say they are looking for agents who say they are:

  • Honest and trustworthy

  • Assertive

  • Excellent negotiators

  • Available by phone or e-mail

  • Good communicators

  • Friendly

  • Analytical

  • Able to maintain a good sense of humor under trying circumstances

Finding the right Real Estate Agent can make the difference between getting into that home you fell in love with or losing out to another offer. It can also make the difference in getting a fair market price for your home.

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